Tulum Yoga Retreat

by Alyssa on July 9, 2013

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If you were wondering where I was, I was here in Tulum, Mexico. It’s about two hours south of Cancun. Most amazing place I’ve ever seen!

Why did I travel here? I was part of a yoga retreat. Annie and Kim came to visit and teach my training group during our teacher training and mentioned Tulum, so naturally I HAD to go ;).

It wasn’t like a lot of retreats. We weren’t ‘forced’ to do anything. Even yoga. It was very relaxed and based on following your intuition to do what you felt your body needed. There were two yoga classes offered daily in the room behind me in the photo above. And most of the other days were left up to be whatever we wanted them to be! I took advantage of the beautiful beach while we were there, too. With TONS of sunscreen. The sun was so much stronger down there!

DSC01139 Tulum Yoga Retreat

Every morning we went out for a walk at 7am. Perfect timing. My friend Danelle snapped this one of me doing eagle pose on a rock. Man that’s harder than it looks to do yoga on pointy rocks!

DSC01130 Tulum Yoga Retreat

DSC01123 Tulum Yoga Retreat

This little cutie was in the water one morning when we first got there and I had to go pet her. I had a pair of my Ray-Ban sunglasses on my shirt and a wave came. About 10 minutes later I realized I lost them. They were a few years old, but my favorite pair. I took it as a sign that I was attached to something, and in the yoga sutras, we are to not be attached to anything. It stops us from being present. So I figured this was a lesson I needed to learn. Especially with material things.

It’s difficult, and I still need to work on it ;).

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Just doing some dancer pose on the beach! Believe it or not, yoga is actually a lot different on the beach, too! It makes it much for difficult to find your grounding in the sand, but it’s something I’m certainly willing to try again. However, do not bring a mat in the sand! it’s a pain to get it off! simple smile Tulum Yoga Retreat

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Look at that water! How could I not want to go back?!

If you could do yoga anywhere in the world, where would you go?


 Tulum Yoga Retreat
pixel Tulum Yoga Retreat
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