Purplestride 5K

by Alyssa on June 17, 2013

Saturday I had my first race in AWHILE. Like first run since November. Crazy. My whole family participated in the Purplestride 5K supporting the fight for Pancreatic cancer. My dad’s secretary, a family friend, encouraged all of us to run for her husband who died from the disease a few years ago. It felt nice to run for a cause.

My time was relatively decent. I wasn’t expecting to be that fast since I’ve been more focused on weight lifting lately, but I finished my first mile at 8:45. Usually I take my sweet time running at home, Concluding at 11 or 10 minute miles, so I was excited about this. My second mile I finished at 17 minutes. Then the last mile came and I slowed down a bit. It was HOT. I was surprised, but I finished at 30:42. Not too speedy, but I am happy with that time. Now to just work on my speed :).

For the race I sported my #SweatPink gear. AKA my new tank and pink laces. It was so cool! I opened a package and had like 10 pairs of laces! How fun is that?!

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And how cute do they look with my Brooks PureConnects?! simple smile Purplestride 5K


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Happy Monday! When’s your next race?


 Purplestride 5K
pixel Purplestride 5K
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