Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

by Alyssa on May 20, 2013

The perfect place for all health fanatics and fitness bloggers? Yup :).

On Thursday of last week, I attended #FitBlogNYC, or Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet Event. I stayed just outside the city with one of my good friends on Wednesday night, just to avoid traveling through rush hour traffic early in the morning.

I took the subway in and as I reached the Meet & Tweet location, I met Alexandra! She’s very¬†relatable and a great person to look up to. She’s also a SoulCycle fanatic, which I heard a ton about through the speakers throughout the day. Something I’ve got to try :).

The event began at 9:30AM and ran until 3:30PM. You wouldn’t think you could get much done for an event like this in that short time, but it was nicely run and everything went smoothly.

photo copy e1368989495674 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

The Meet & Tweet was hosted at The Mercedes Club in NYC, and boy do I want to be part of that gym! It was so pretty and beautifully arranged. Treadmills looked out over a rooftop pool and sitting area, and there was plenty of space.

We were directed to walk up a few flights of stairs for the event, where we registered and got our name tags for the day.

photo copy 13 e1368989531269 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

I was impressed at how much effort it seemed like Fitness put into something as simple as a name tag. They’re really cute!

photo copy 11 e1368989624868 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Once we signed in, we were able to grab a bite to eat. There were healthy muffins like the chocolate chip one I got below, parfaits, and a few different juices. I chose the green juice. Normally I don’t like the taste of celery in my juice, but this one was good. It sort of added a little personality to the drink.

photo copy 12 e1368989580580 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

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After breakfast, we were introduced to Sarah Lucero, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Executive Director of Global Artistry at Stila Cosmetics. She expressed a few trends she’s loving for summer, as well as her top tips to looking beautiful. One of them was staying active. This makes you crave healthier foods and more water, which directly have an effect on your skin’s health.¬†She also said to focus on getting enough sleep every night.

973721 10152845578415556 1680506852 n Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Once sarah finished her interview, Jennifer Ashton M.D. came out and talked about her healthy life. She is a gynecologist and explained that with her clients, she likes to have a strong relationship, discussing nail colors and whatnot, but also to the point where her clients feel comfortable asking her for any information regarding any part of the body, not just her specialty.

Women’s health is so important and there are so many things that need to be checked on at least once a year, it’s important to have a good solid relationship with your doctor.

photo copy 9 e1368990730219 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

There were a bunch of speakers we heard from throughout the morning.

Brett Hoebel, Celebrity Trainer and The Biggest Loser Season 11 participant, gave his views on how exercise DVD’s have evolved over the years. Extreme fitness offers a bragging right and the fact that workouts like Insanity and P90X have people like Shaun T. doubling over, is an inspiration for us. It allows us to understand that you have to work hard to achieve the results you want. Strength doesn’t come easy.

photo copy 81 e1368991492623 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Once Brett was finished, Dana, Deb, Jill, and Erin talked to us about monetization and blogging as a business. It was awesome to hear about how each of them got started blogging.

photo copy 21 e1368991803887 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Finally, Rocco DeSpirito talked about his trip to Italy and cooking healthy Italian meals with his new cookbook. It was cool to know that people visited Italy and actually lost weight. Italian meals have a bad reputation, but because everyone in Italy cooks homemade meals, it is easy for our bodies to break it down. In addition, Rocco also talked about how the Italian culture socializes while dining, which allows us to digest more slowly. Looking at him wasn’t half bad either ;).

973715 10152845715780556 540467693 n Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

And there we are! Alec and myself with Rocco :).

971956 10100906821285001 800726003 n Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Come back tomorrow for more on the freebies and the second half of the day simple smile Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC

Happy Monday!


 Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC
pixel Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet 2013 #FitBlogNYC
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