Favorite Food Friday!

by Alyssa on January 25, 2013

simple smile Favorite Food Friday! I’m much healthier this week! simple smile Favorite Food Friday!

It was a long week and a half that I was recovering and suffering from strep throat, but I am finally feeling 100% again! It’s important to get rest and listen to your body when it’s signaling that you’re doing too much. Feeling burnt out? Sit out a play once and awhile and just breath and relax.

At the start of the new year, I decided it was/is going to be my goal to become healthier (via meals and exercise). If you’re like me, you probably get a tad bored with eating the same old things everyday! I was inspired to pick up some unusual (to me) items this week so I would actually enjoy my healthy meals and snacks this week.

photo e1359164099569 Favorite Food Friday!

Now apparently these flip cups from Chobani have existed for awhile, but I just recently stumbled upon them. I ended up purchasing two of the Raspberry Choco flavor and one of the Honey and Banana flavor. Clearly I loooooved the Raspberry Choco! Could have something to do with my chocolate addiction ;).

I’m not sure why, but these flip cups seem to have a thinner consistency to them than the regular Chobani flavors. Very enjoyable though! 😀

photo copy 4 e1359164029734 Favorite Food Friday!

In addition to yogurt, I often go through phases where I become obsessed with raisins – hence the above – yogurt covered raisins. I like to bring about a half cup of these to work for a morning snack. Tasty and filling.

photo copy 3 Favorite Food Friday!

I do enjoy the occasional fruit for a snack in the morning or the afternoon, but I typically don’t get oranges or anything that involves “work” to consume. My true laziness comes out…LOL. This week was the week to go against the grain and go for the oranges! Yum, I’m glad I did! They remind me of childhood soccer games and half time every time I eat them :). Obviously a happy time!

Hopefully I can keep it up for the next few weeks in addition to my yoga teacher training! Wish me luck!

What are your go to snacks? How do you go about packing snacks for your job/school?



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