Runner’s World Half Marathon

by Alyssa on October 25, 2012

Last Sunday I ran my second half marathon!

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Since I have been having some knee and hip issues since my last half marathon, I wanted to take it a bit easy during this half and focus on strength training and yoga. Overall, I really think the rest from running helped me more than it hurt me. My knee felt strong throughout the entire race even though my pace was sightly slower this time around.

The course of this race went around the town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – which is amazing during the Christmas months, too!

The Philly half was mainly flat for all 13.1 miles. This run was NOT.

There were plenty of hills (and steep ones!) leading up to mile 8. We were told plenty of times throughout the race that we wouldn’t be seeing another hill. We always did.

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I would do it again in a heart beat though! It is extremely scenic and even walking up hills allowed you to finish in a decent time!

The weather during the race was a pretty good cool temperature so I wore my Lululemon long sleeve and Oakley capris that I was able to sport thanks to Amanda. simple smile Runners World Half Marathon

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These capris were perfect for the long run! They kept me cool and dry the whole time! simple smile Runners World Half Marathon I was nervous they wouldn’t fit perfectly, but I didn’t have any problems with comfort or fit. Pretty true to size in comparison with the running gear I typically sport.

Which race should I do next?!

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