Gearing Up for Fitmixer Bootcamp

by Alyssa on September 8, 2012

After reading about several amazing training bootcamp programs on various blogs, I decided to take the plunge and follow Alyssa’s lead and try out the Fitmixer Bootcamp!

Alyssa explained how she was short on time but was still able to keep up with the program and lost weight slash toned up a great deal through the program. Plus, who doesn’t love trying new protein and amino acid supplements to give you more energy? 😉

Because of my half marathon training recently – which is NEXT Sunday by the way AHHH! – I have been craving less healthy and about fifty times more starchy foods than I did when I wasn’t running as many miles. This sort of made me want to commit to a new program and see all of the health benefits it had to offer.

When registering, you receive a free diet plan with the Bootcamp purchase (which goes for about $150) from the certified dietician, Candice. I entered my height and weight and pounds I wanted to lose and she emailed me back mentioning that I didn’t necessarily need to lose weight and ended up just not giving me a calorie restricted plan like most others will receive. She explained that I will definitely be able to continuously tone up through the next eight weeks, though! Great news 😉

I appreciate that the makers of the Bootcamp are so personable and concerned about the participants’ general health.

With the $150 purchase of the Bootcamp you will receive the following:

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Fitmixer Protein in chocolate or vanilla
Fitmixer Slim in chocolate or vanilla
Blender ball bottle
Fitmixer Amino in grape and fruit punch

I’m excited to try everything! The products seem like they provide a ton of energy so I can’t wait to try them on Monday when Bootcamp begins.

They also provide you with motivational videos and workouts!

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Have you ever tried a great training and nutrition program?

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