It’s Almost Here!

by Alyssa on September 3, 2012

There are currently less than two weeks until I will be running the Philadelphia Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon.

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I am excited, but also pretty nervous.  Training hasn’t taken over my life, so I feel this is a relatively easy goal to accomplish if you set your mind on it – even if you have additional priorities.  I have incorporated running into my fitness routine three times weekly so that I can manage to do the long runs (using GU of course ;)) on the weekends when I have more flexibility.

My initial goal was to run the entire 13.1 miles without stopping, but as we’re getting closer, I am slightly concerned that I won’t be able to accomplish this the first time around.  BUT when considering your preparation, it’s important to take into account the altitude of your training versus the altitude of the race, as well as the lack of humidity during mid-September versus during the last few training months.

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In conclusion, you must take faith in the training process and trust that you’re ready for the 13.1! 😀

Some days you just don’t “feel” like running, and a lot of the time I noticed that the days I had long runs but was not feeling them, I would try and force it. Needless to say, those runs usually felt horrible because I wasn’t completely focused.  I have learned to listen to my body through this process and take rest days when needed.

If you’re looking to add some challenging goals and running to your fitness routine, a half marathon would be such an inspiring experience!  It has helped me to progress through a rough point in my life and find myself again, as well as re-establish a love affair with running.

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Of Possible Interest:

Have you ever run a half marathon? If so, what were your reflections?

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