Energy for Those Long Runs!

by Alyssa on August 28, 2012

This weekend I had my longest training run yet – 8 miles. I went at the heat peak of the day which was a poor decision on my part. It was tough, but I got it in and worked up a long sweat ;).  What I have found to be most helpful when increasing my mileage is the GU Energy Gel packets.  I got a mixed flavor package from Amazon a few weeks ago and so far I am really liking them!

photo copy 12 Energy for Those Long Runs!

I took one 15 minutes prior to my workout and a second packet 45 minutes into my run.  Obviously you’ll want to wash it down with water since the consistency is rather thick.  The flavors aren’t too bad either.  I enjoyed the Vanilla Bean one the most so far – which is definitely NOT the one I thought I was going to like.

The packets are only 100 calories each, but once you take them during your run or long workout, you will feel like you can go another hour!  It’s such a great feeling.  Energy gels are great to replenish those electrolytes that we lose during long workouts.

Here are the details on the label:

photo copy 11 Energy for Those Long Runs!

I ended up wearing my Lululemon top I mentioned previously! This is by far the best long run top I have since it is so great at keeping you cool because of the dry wicking.

photo copy 10 Energy for Those Long Runs!

The photo is a bit blurry but you can see how bright the top is!  In addition to my shoes :).  Bright clothes make running MORE fun!


Of Possible Interest:

What is your favorite energy boost during long workouts/runs?

pixel Energy for Those Long Runs!
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