Best Acne Remedies

by Alyssa on August 22, 2012

As mentioned before, I have been snacking far too much lately and it has taken a toll on my skin.  There have been a few nasty breakouts over the last few weeks, but that’s not going to get me down.  I like to use a few things when the acne strikes!

Mainly, switching up my normal face wash and moisturizer for more acne based treatment wash and moisturizer helps a great deal.  I like the Velocity line from Mary Kay, although it can get a bit drying if you have very dry and sensitive skin.  These work great because they have the acne medication included in them, but also exfoliate your skin while cleansing – which I have found a great deal of other face washes don’t carry out.

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I also like to use a toner on my skin, which you can find in most drugstores labeled as an astringent.  Toners help to refine your pores and reduce redness, like the Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner in Formula 3 (if you’re interested in checking it out :)) – which is the one I use.  Basically this is my golden ticket.

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Something that most people with acne issues would like to have is a handy spot treatment medication.  These are great to toss into any bag for when a random breakout occurs.  I use the Mary Kay acne spot treatment as well since I was a Mary Kay representative and truly do love the products.  The acne treatment line is definitely something to look into :).

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There are also some Do It Yourself options to combat acne!  And who doesn’t want to try that? ;).

  • Apple Cider vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water:  Blot this on your face with a cotton ball and let sit for 10 minutes before cleansing.  This will purify the skin and help balance the pH and dry out acne.
apple cider vinegar Best Acne Remedies
  • Shredded apples mixed with honey:  This performs in a similar way to the above along with moisturizing the skin.  Should be left on for 15 minutes.

apple braeburn Best Acne Remedies

honey jar Best Acne Remedies

  • A small amount of plain Chobani yogurt, a drop of honey, and 5 aspirin tablets:  Allow the aspirin to disintegrate in the yogurt and then mix the ingredients together before spreading onto your skin.  This can be left on for 10 minutes.  The yogurt refines your pores while the aspirin serves as the acne treatment.  NOTE:  This can also be done without the yogurt.  Swap the yogurt with water.
chobani3 Best Acne Remedies
aspirin Best Acne Remedies
What acne treatment method works for you?
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