The Power of a Rest Day

by Alyssa on August 7, 2012

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The “rest” day is often underestimated and striving to reach a goal in a specific amount of time, similar to my goal of finishing the Philadelphia Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon. I have recently been anxious about reaching the high milage since my long runs have been a tad halted at around 6 miles, but I chose to give myself one COMPLETE rest day, as well as a simple circuit workout “rest” day yesterday evening – and ya know what – IT WORKED!

Saturday, I set out to do a scheduled 6 mile run, and could barely get through 4.5.  I was so disappointed in myself.  The same thing happened last Thursday night when I set out to run “a what would usually be simple” 3 miles.  It was hard and very exhausting.  Not my typically reaction to running.

I listened to my body after Saturday’s run, thinking back to how even though it is difficult to sit around sometimes when you know there is a goal you want to achieve – that single rest day could be the one to push you past your so called “limits”.

And that is just what it did tonight. 😀

I started off running, carefully pacing myself in order to not run too fast too early.  My goal was to complete 4 miles today – and I did it and felt AMAZING afterwards.  I beat my previous 5K time and managed to keep all 4 miles at slightly above 10 minutes, which is pretty good considering they usually fluctuate ALOT.  I also noticed that I was able to run longer without even coming close to walking and grabbing a sip of water.

Part of the reason for this successful run may also be because I properly fueled myself with plenty of water!  I know I slacked on this last week, too.

Listen to your body.  Properly hydrate.  Take enough rest days.  ESPECIALLY when you find yourself “stuck” in improvement.  2 days seems to be my “perfect” amount of rest days when i absolutely need them.

How do you feel about rest days?

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